[INFO] International Fan Support Jaejoong’s “MINE” Mini-Album : List of Online Stores that Count on Hanteo Chart

Source [INFO] International Fan Support Jaejoong’s “MINE” Mini-Album : List of Online Stores that Count on Hanteo Chart.



[INFO] International Fan Support Jaejoong’s “MINE” Mini-Album : List of Online Stores that Count on Hanteo Chart

JYJ3′s Note:

The best birthday gift for Jaejoong is to buy his mini-album “MINE”(I). Please support his first solo mini-album release after more than 9 years as a singer.

Pre-orders (both online and offline) for Kim Jaejoong’s mini solo-album will begin on January 7. It will be available on offline stores like Kyobo Bookstore and Synnara record store, as well as online sites such as Kyobo, Synnara, Interpark, Yes24, and Aladdin. Pre-orders will end by January 14 (Read full article here)

Importance of Hanteo Chart:

  • The Hanteo Chart is one of the biggest physical album-sale monitoring Charts in Korea.
  • Hanteo Chart updates the amount of physical album purchases made daily, weekly and monthly for each artist in Korea.
  • The albums counted by Hanteo it’s taken to define the winners of weekly Korean music shows like: Inkigayo, Music Bank, Music Core, etc. And for yearly award show “Golden Disk Awards”. (JYJ3′s Note: We still don’t know if Jaejoong will be able to promote on these shows, but at least we can try and increase the possibilities of making “MINE” as one of the best seller solo mini-albums of 2013)

List of Online Stores that Count on Hanteo Chart

1) SYNNARA: http://www.synnara.co.kr PRE-SALE now available
Important! Please read these messages: About Foreign Customer Information Link and  Kpop fans outside of Korea Link (Buy using Paypal, email)

2) YES24: http://www.yes24.com PRE-SALE now available

3) KYOBO: http://music.kyobobook.co.kr PRE-SALE now available

4) ALADIN: http://music.aladin.co.kr PRE-SALE now available

5) YESASIA: http://www.yesasia.com/global/en/home.html PRE-SALE now available

5) DVD HEAVEN: http://www.dvdheaven.com/
PRE-SALE now available Mini Album [I] + Poster in Tube / Mini Album [I] + Folded Poster Mini Album [I] 

6) KPOPTOWN: http://kpoptown.com/ PRE-SALE now available

7) KPOPMART: http://www.kpopmart.com/ PRE-SALE now available

8) GMARKET: http://english.gmarket.co.kr PRE-SALE now available
(Search by typing Jaejoong’s name for possible options)

9) EBAY: http://www.ebay.com/
It’s very important that your seller lives in Korea and that he/she assures the album will be count on Hanteo Chart.
The most popular ebay kpop sellers are: KPOPPLUS, SILVERCOLDMETALAJOUTOOL,…

*** JYJ3′s Note: We’ll update soon with more information when the pre-orders will be opened in Korea.

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